MedicaidBroker is a provider-sharing service. If you are a provider and not willing to share your broker rates of reimbursement or associated experiences then this service is NOT for you.

To help deter bogus or unsolicited postings from those who are less than serious about assisting our provider-members, access to is a subscription-based service is designed to do the following:

  1. Allow transportation and home care providers to discover what brokers are reimbursing other providers in specific counties so you can negotiate better rates of reimbursement.
  2. Allow providers to post specific terms or broker policies that are burdensome or costly so you can negotiate around such obstacles.
  3. Allow providers to share specific broker experiences to help educate and encourage youso you can avoid experiencing potential mistakes.
  4. Allow providers to attach and upload images and files to further enhance your education and awareness.
  5. Allow providers to communicate directly with each other while protecting member’s identity and setting preferences.

As a provider, you can elect to make your identity public or post your Broker Reimbursement Schedules anonymously.

Regardless of your identity status, as an active member, you must contribute and share your Broker Reimbursement Schedule in order to view other Reimbursement Schedules and broker information in your county when creating a new account, you will select the state and county in which you wish to post and view Broker Reimbursement Schedules and associated information.

For an additional reduced monthly fee, you can add additional counties to your profile to view Broker Reimbursement Schedules and information in other counties

You can ONLY view Broker Reimbursement Schedules and information for the counties in which you select and register under your personal Settings, you can always add or modify the counties in which you would like to post or view Broker Reimbursement Schedules from other providers.

After logging into your account, will walk you through an easy-to-follow three step process to create or edit your Broker Reimbursement Schedule join today to contribute and learn more about broker rates of reimbursement in your county.