About Us

The inspiration and purpose of MedicaidBroker.com is simple – to empower providers by increasing information and awareness of broker tactics and rates of reimbursement.

With an increasing elderly population and expanding medical industry, profitable opportunities for both providers and brokers are dramatically increasing. But if you are a provider, you most likely have heard of or even experienced horror stories of Medicaid brokers - stories of brokers withholding or shortchanging payments, reducing reimbursements, refusing to adequately compensate providers, insisting on burdensome regulations, or simply bullying and treating providers like crap.

Motivated entrepreneurs all across the country recognize the growing financial opportunities in serving our elderly population. In meeting this growing demand, providers can build a thriving business and gain a great deal of personal satisfaction.

Unfortunately, all too often providers find themselves frustrated, disappointed, and even financially distraught after working with Medicaid brokers. All too often the broker-provider relationship proves to be one-sided with providers experiencing frustration and disappointment when brokers become more dictator than partner, more hindrance than help. The result is many providers taking a financial loss and becoming disenfranchised while brokers increase in wealth and profitability.

Providers who financially thrive and establish a mutually beneficial relationship with brokers do so because they accomplish three key objectives:

  1. They recognize and understand broker tactics
  2. They negotiate profitable rates of reimbursement
  3. They establish regulatory boundaries and acceptable terms

In an effort to counter bullying broker tactics and assist hardworking providers, MedicaidBroker.com offers an exclusive venue – one in which providers can privately or publically compare rates of reimbursement to increase negotiating power and share broker details and experiences. Despite vigorous opposition from brokers, MedicaidBroker.com is continuing to expand in scope and service to better serve our providers.